About Egypt

undefinedArab Republic of Egypt (ARE) is biggest counts of Arab East. Its located in north-east of Africa & partially in Asia (Sinai). Egypt border with Israel, Palestine, Sudan & Libya. Suez Canal is shortest lane from Mediterranean Sea to Indian Ocean, its length is 173 km & it passes on Egyptian territory.

Territory is over 1 million square km (included Sinai – 130000 square km). Currently biggest part of Egyptian territory is desert, in practice populated & domesticated 5,9% of territory.

Population - 74 millions. 3-3,5 millions among them constantly work abroad. Population rate of increase – up to 2,5% per year. Arabs are 98% from population (90% - Sunni, 10% - Christians). Capital is Cairo (about 18 millions population).

Political system. ARE is Presidential Republic. From October 1981 country’s President is Mohamed Hosny Mubarak, he was re-elected to this position for the 5th time in September 2005 (term of Presidential Mandate is 6 years).

Industry. Most Наиболее distributed industries are: food industry, oil & gas production industries, textile industry & metallurgy.

Tourism is being in process active. According to official data Egypt had been visited by 8.6 millions foreigners in 2007 (in 2006 - 7 millions). This brought to chamber of Egypt 6,4 milliards $ (in 2006 - 6 milliards $). Hotel room stock is more than 155000 rooms.

Finances: Egypt has advanced bank system. There are 43 banks work in country. Exchange rate 1$=5.5 EGP.


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