At present prices for property in Egypt are reasonable enough. Hence buying & selling sphere is widely presented here.

It is very comfortable in Egypt to rent an apartment for a holiday. There may be few reasons to prefer an apartment to a hotel. In a high season hotels may be fully booked. So if it happens so that one doesn't like the room or view, the alternative variant may not be available. Besides, to have comfort for many tourists mean some privacy, this is impossible to be reached in a hotel.

Apartments in Sharm-el-Sheikh, Cairo and in Marsa Alam are the most popular.

Villas are available for rent for real connoisseurs of luxury and comfort. Everyone would like to own a villa at seashore at least for some time.  Most of the luxury apartments are located in Hurghada.

In spite of heat, climate in Egypt is easy to bear due to the level of air humidity. The more so because the sea is always at your disposal. 

Affordable apartments for rent in Egypt

  • Sharm-el-Sheikh is considered to be a European level resort. It consists of few districts, situated along the coast line. Almost all the seashore of the city is occupied by hotels, hotel resorts and housing estates. Sharm-el-Sheikh infrastructure is well developed. There are plants of restaurants, café, shops and entertainment centers.
  • A lot of tourists year by year visit Sharm-el-Sheikh, being amazed by its marvelous nature. Wonderful corals, splendid underwater world, tidy beaches and turquoise blue pure sea - all these will become yours!
  • Hurghada is situated at the western sea coast. This city is rich for romantic coves, for various sea fauna and flora. You will find Hurghada perfect place for aquatic sports: windsurfing, kiting, snorkeling, aqua biking, waterskiing and diving. This city is considered to be an international center for connoisseurs of aquatic sports and diving. That is why many young people prefer to visit Hurghada for holidays.
  • Marsa Alam is 270 km far from Hurghada. It is a small, comfortable area, famous for it's unique coral reefs and emerald mines. 
Аренда квартиры в египте


Approximate rates for apartment rental
Sharm el Sheikh from $500 per month
Hurghada from $200 per month 
Marsa Alam from $200 per month 

A legally registered contract is obligatory to be concluded with an apartment owner. Such contract includes all terms of the deal, term of lease and conditions. Thus you may be sure that your holiday will last for an exact period you planned.

We would advise you to check the water & electricity meters at the arrival day, since utilities are not included into rental charge. Also you have to pay your attention to the condition of an apartment, furniture, electric appliances, availability of kitchen utensils and bedclothes. In case of revealing any deviation from the previously agreed apartment arrangement, you should request an owner to improve the situation, otherwise such discrepancies should be registered legally. In accordance with your desire "RD REAL ESTATE" may undertake all kinds of legal issues.

Rental of villas - holidays at any season

If you are planning to spend your holiday with friends or family, you should think about possibility to rent a villa. Just this way you will fully enjoy the advantages of a private and merry holiday at the Red Sea coast. We would like to admit that rates for villas rental are practically the same in all the resort areas. In Sharm-el-Sheikh for instance it is US$ 1000 to 1400 a month, and in Hurghada it is US$ 800 tо 1200.

You may choose a villa, fully complying with your demands (location, number of rooms, etc.). Nowadays villas rental sphere is well developed, at the territory of the majority of construction projects swimming pools, gardens, recreation areas are foreseen.

Please pay attention that in summer a lease period starts from one month

 «RD REAL ESTATE» will make your vacation comfortable and pleasant!


We facilitate villas rental only at housing compounds!


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