Private Cairo excursion





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( Mersedes E, Peogeut 407, Chrisler Town & Country )

   Being one of primordial cities of country, nowadays Cairo is big administrative center & capital of Egypt. That is why not everybody who comes to Cairo is tourists; most of them came for business. It explains fact that Cairo hotels are closer to European hotels by its service level than rest hotels of Egypt

   Cairo is more city than resort; most of hotels here sit for businessmen & located in the center. So if you decided to stay in one of capital's hotel, you will definitely have classical Cairo View room & staff will be speaking not only English. 

   Unlike tourists who prefer beach vacation, ones who choose Cairo tours prefer not quiet idleness but irrepressible investigative curiosity. Because in Egyptian capital there are relics & monuments collected, which have original archeological & anthropological value. You must admit that there not a lot of places in the world there you can see real Pharaon's mummy & treasures of truly royal tombs. That is why 1st thing you have to visit in this noisy contrasting city of poor now country is Cairo National Museum which keeps living approvals of lapsed greatness of Egyptian civilization.

   Cairo Mosques & Temples - its real architectural masterpieces of its time, it brings inside aura of complete era. Simple buildings, which are not concerned to religion, are also interesting from  architectural point of view. To see best of Cairo architect's creatures you can in Khal El Khalil area. Cairo is truly amazing city there 2 religions manage to agree together - main Muslim & esteem Christian. Symbol of Muslim Cairo is Mohamed Ali's Mosque. It is being notable for its huge sizes but it doesn't spoil its elegancy. Mosque nobly lifts above Cairo, seeing after what's going on in Egypt. Most bright representative of Christian world in Cairo is Madonna Coptic Church. Locals call it Al Mualaca. It was built in III century & was restored not one time. Now there is rich collection of icons, ancient chancel, marble pulpit & some else unique things.

   Except architectural monuments of Middle Ages numerous tourists attracted to Cairo by primordial in the world ritual constructions - Egyptian Pyramids, located in Cairo suburb - Giza. Thank to this feature Cairo tours gained unusual popularity among researchers & ancient culture worshipers, & Cairo hotel never suffer from no absence of customers.

Wishing you pleasant vacation!