Private Moussa Mountain excursion



350$ cars at choice

( Mersedes E, Peogeut 407, Chrisler Town & Country )

Moses Mountain  - «Holy Peak» - 2285 m above sea level, to get top of mountain from Monastery takes 2 hours. According to legend it's exact Horeb Mountain, on top of it Moses received testimonies & 10 Commandments.

There are 2 ways to reach top of mountain. One is - 3750 steps, logged of by monks in rocks. This way is shorter but harder. Simple way lies in XIX century & it's suitable even for horse ride. On top of Moses Mountain there is chapel dedicated to Three in One. Cave, there God told to Moses: «When will be my glory, I will put thee in a cleft of the rock, and cover your hand mine, until I pass». (The Exodus, 33:22), is located to the north of.

Exiting view opens from top of Mountain; it costs waste of power for climb.  Especially beautiful is sunrise view. For those who ascend the Mountain, & meet sunrise there, according to ancient legend all sins will be released.

Irregularity of this excursion is in everything: ascent starts late night, about 3 am. Its better to get some sleep before this trip. Comfortable & light shoes are required, take warm clothes with you (sweater, windbreaker, trousers, socks, heat) because it's cold enough before sunrise on 2000 m height, about +5-8 degrees at best.

Moses Mountain tower in mountain group on South of Sinai. Monks call this mountain "Holy peak". Its height is 2285 m above sea level.

God gave Moses Stone Tablets of Testament with famous 10 Commandments on top of this mountain. There is Chapel of Three in One here & Rood.