Private Ras Mohamed excursion




250 $ cars at choice

( Mersedes E, Peogeut 407, Chrisler Town & Country )


Ras Mohamed is 1st National Park in Egypt, established in 1989. Located in South of Sinai National Park Ras Mohamed is 25 km far from Sharm El Sheikh to south-west.

Its considered as one of most picturesque places in all Red Sea, & southern part of it is included in the top 10 beaches for diving in the world.

Snorkeling leaves most attractive impressions from Ras Mohamed. Amazing underwater world of Egypt will impress your imagination. Coral reefs raised above sea level in natural conditions, aged up to 2 milliards years!

Ras Mohamed is rich by different fauna representatives: foxes, gazelles, reptiles, migrating birds (white storks).

Mangrove groves. Mangrove trees are extraordinary by what they grow up in sea water & process fresh water from salty sea water, extra salt they leave on back side of its leaves. Variety of rare birds & mangrove groves abundance create unique atmosphere which is affects well on health.

You'll visit bay with water twice salty than sea water because of salt sources. Water of bay is similar with Dead Sea water & affects well on health. You can make a wish which will become truth if you'll sink in water with your head. That is why they call it Magic Lake. By the way bay is invisible on photos from satellite.