Special offers

2 bedroom apartment
in «Nubia Resort»
in Sharm el Sheikh

1 bedroom apartment
in «Shark's bay Oasis»
in Sharm el Sheikh

2 bedroom apartment
in  «Delta Sharm»
in Sharm el Sheikh

1 bedroom apartment
in «Delta Sharm»
in Sharm el Sheikh
Type: apartment
Area: 100 sq.m.
Price: 60 thousands USD
Type: apartments
Area: 64 sq.m. 
Price: 105 thousands USD
Type: apartment
Area: 187 sq.m.
Price: on request
Type: apartments
Area: 64 sq.m.
Price: 110 75 thousands USD


Foreign real estate of Egypt is being presented by RD REAL ESTATE Company. This is 1st Russian real estate agency in Sharm El Sheikh established specially for potential buyers who are showing bigger investment interest for the region.Our professional agents with pleasure will show you all possible to buy objects.

RD Company main specialty is real estate sale in Egypt: apartments, villas & hotels.

Foreign real estate in nowadays is very accessible by it's price & prices are increasing each year & that is why buying real estate in Egypt is good investment.

Buying a property in Sharm El Sheikh. Presentation film.

RD REAL ESTATE offers you to get acquainted with life in Sharm El Sheikh. In this film you can see not only the lifestyles of those who have already found their second home in this beautiful place, but also the properties that you can buy in our agency!

Real estate in Sharm El Sheikh: advantages

недвижимость шарм эль шейх
  1. This region is perfect for all around year vacations & residence.
  2. Prices for food & goods are less than in other countries & resorts.
  3. Advanced infrastructure, comfortable & cheap transportation makes life comfortable without any everyday problems.
  4. Foreign real estate in Egypt is accessible for buying for any foreigner & his rights are being guaranteed by government.
  5. Real Estate in Sharm El Sheikh is more accessible by price than real estate of other south countries. 
  6. Very low apartment service fees – from 15$ per month. 
  7. Touristic season here is continuing all around the year. This means that you can rent your apartment while you are not here. 
  8. Egyptian law allows taking abroad full amount from selling sum in case if you would like to sale your property in future.

This is perfect choice for those who want to invest in Sharm El Sheikh real estate.

Foreign real estate in Egypt – its beneficially 

недвижимость в египте
  • Trustful & beneficial investment. ;
  • preferential tax treatment;
  • prolific climate;
  • Ecologically safe zone ( more favourable place to live for people with pneumopathies and allergic diseases – dry climate);
  • Low level of crimes;
  • Hospitality of local population;
  • Wide expansion of English language;
  • Simple visas system for country visitors from almost all European countries– you just buy visa in the airport upon passing the board;
  • Short flight durations – from 3 hours.

According to local law each individual is in title to buy property in Egypt. Moreover, it’s without any bureaucratic delays – even for contract’s for secondary housing market reissuance it will take not more than few hours. Foreigner buyer to buy property in Egypt need to have just international passport.

For property registration, after residence buying contract execution, its necessary to make a power of attorney for notary officer who will be doing registration of your property in court. Registration takes 306 months. To get real estate ownership certificate buyer needs to receive court decision.

New offers

Complex «Monna»

Complex «The View»

«Sinai Golf Heights City»

Type: apartments
Area: from 43 to 100 sq.m.
Price: from 33,5 thousands USD
Type: apartments
Area: from 40 to 121 sq.m.
Price: from 34 thousands USD
Type: apartments
Area: from 45 to 105 sq.m.
Price: from 39 thousands Euro

1 bedroom apartment
in «Royal Oasis»
in Sharm el Sheikh


Квартира с одной спальней в Royal Oasis
Area: 70 sq.m.
Price: 95 65 thousands USD

Our company is a participant for different famous foreigner real estate fairs in Moscow & Saint-Petersburg, Russia.