Legal basis

Rules for registration of the purchased property.

All registrations for property in Sharm El Sheikh are being done through court. Total cost of registration is 1000 $. Payment is required before registration procedure. Payment can be done by cash or transferred to our company's operating account.  

Registration includes:

1.     Power of attorney.

Procedure to delegate right for lawyer to represent you as a buyer of property in court & all administrative authorities. 

2.     Visa

It's necessary to come to visa's authority in El Tur with your passport. You have possibilities to extend touristic visa without any problems or to get residential visa.

3.     Transportation provision for trip to El Tur

Trip takes approximately 1 hour one way. This trip is necessary to finish appearance for all necessary documents to start registration (visa, power of attorney). You have to take your international passport with you.

4.     Purchase/sale contract composition.

Contract will be composed in accordance with details & sale conditions of property which you buy.

5.     Legal procedures.

Lawyers will make all necessary for registration of contract actions to confirm your status as owner.

6.     Consultation

All suggestions & consultations regarding purchase of real estate procedure will be fully accompanied by lawyers in accordance to their experience in real estate market. 


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