Sharm El Sheikh

Villa in «DelMar»

the unit is not available

Chalet on the territory of hotel «Millenium»

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Villa in «Domina Coral Bay»

the unit is not available

Type: villa
Area: 246,1 sq.m.
Land area: 400 sq.m.
Price: the unit is not available
Area: 180 sq.m.
Land area:
Price: the unit is not available
Type: villa
Area: 210 sq.m.
Land area: 557 sq.m.
Price: the unit is not available

Villa in Rodan on the territory of the hotel Tropitel in Naama Bay

Villa on the territory of «Hayatt Regency»

the unit is not available

Villa in Montaza

the unit is not available

Type: villa
Area: 800 sq.m.
Land area: 2000 sq.m.
Type: villas
Area: от 1300 до 1500 sq.m.
Price: the unit is not available
Type: villa
Area: 570 sq.m.
Land area: 1800 sq.m.
Price:the unit is not available

It's difficult to find someone who didn't dream about own villa on warm sea coast even once in his life. Today's prices for villas in Egypt are enough accessible & can be compared with prices in Europe. That is why alike dreams become true for many.

Sharm El Sheikh is the perfect place for villas

Villa is not just big house but house with garden & land. Part of land, in a view of climatic feature of country, is given for swimming pool & small garden; here you can have a rest. In reality villas in Sharm El Sheikh are insulated houses for one or two families.

Many of these real estate units are located in hotel's territories. Generally it's 2-floors «super-luxe» class villas with its own swimming pool & garden, located on sufficient distance from main building, you won't be worry from tourists.

Big advantage from buying of villa is possibility for usage of all hotels' infrastructure. This increases level of comfort & convenience of residence. Moreover villas on hotel's territories are 24-hour guarded. Villa can be rented during absence of owner according to his wish.

Villa possible to be sold back to hotel according to owner's wish, this point is often mentioned in purchase/sale agreement. This free villa's owner from long buyer's search in case if he would like to sale his villa. 

Advantages from buying villa in Sharm El Sheikh

  • Beautiful climate
  • Hospitable population
  • Advanced infrastructure
  • Profitable investment
  • Resort development perspective

виллы шарм эль шейх

Beautiful climate & violent development of tourism field has made villas in Egypt rather interesting investment objects & more & more Europeans buy properties like this. 1st that attracts potential buyers is low prices. 2nd reason is firm cost growth of such units (average 20% per year). Really against the background of world economic crisis prices for real estate in Egypt dropped significantly & now there is most successful situation for such purchase. At the same time real estate of Egypt cost grow up year in year out which is guarantee not only conservation but increase augmenting for your finances.

Demand for rental of similar real estate always grows up, which is being explained by al year around touristic season in this country.

Means that you can always rent villas in Sharm El Sheikh while you are away. This will recoup expenses for property purchase during few touristic seasons & will become extra source of income. Moreover, according to local law, profits from rent are not taxed & all sum can be taken abroad without any problems or bureaucratic points.

Features of villa registration in Egypt

According to local law, foreigner to buy villa in Egypt is necessary to have only international passport & enough amount of money. Purchase procedure is easy & won't take a lot of strength & time. 1st of all suitable unit is being chosen from offered catalogue. Today's choice is very rich: there are units in almost each area of city presented.виллы в египте

Preliminary purchase/sale contract is being issued after villa's inspection & deposit in amount 10% from cost minimum is being paid. Contract is in two copies in English & Arabic & includes all passport data of seller & buyer & also different additional conditions of deal. Signatures on contract according to Egyptian law are considered as documental prove of fact for deposit transfer for acquired property.

In case if unit is new building then full payment can be done by cash or bank transfer only after final delivery of villa. Herewith General irrevocable power of attorney is being issued; Egyptian name is « Taukil».

Our agency offers to assume full legal registration of deal. This way you'll insure yourself from possible unpleasant accidents. We cooperate with experienced highly qualified Egyptian lawyers. 

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